Hellpointe: a novel of the edge worlds

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9780615859774: Hellpointe: a novel of the edge worlds

What if you planned the ultimate road trip and took a wrong turn to Hell?

When four teenagers cross paths in a diner in Nevada’s high desert, they discover their fates are forever joined, for better or worse. Together, they are drawn to a town that is all but invisible to the rest of the world, a post-apocalyptic ruin where a handful of survivors are battling an onslaught of evil from another reality.

The little town of Hellpointe is populated by a group of men and women with extraordinary strengths. Inhabitants of the region have guarded a portal to the dark side for centuries. But now a series of betrayals and treachery has so weakened the protectors of light and order that evil is ascendant, the town is dying and no heroes remain to stem the rising tide of chaos.

Enter Will, Gale, Henry and Violet. They come from widely different backgrounds and have little in common. The teenagers can barely relate but they are all similarly and strangely linked to a town that doesn’t officially exist. They have crossed a continent at the beckoning of Hellpointe’s invisible siren song. Though deeply reluctant, they are drawn to the fight and each will contribute a surprising gift to the epic struggle and the final outcome.

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