The Dark Days: Volume 1: The Beginning of The Hunger Games Universe - A Serious Parody

9780615861524: The Dark Days: Volume 1: The Beginning of The Hunger Games Universe - A Serious Parody

Haven’t had enough of The Hunger Games? Dark Days, the saga of what happened before the games, will satisfy your Hunger... End of the World - Episode 1: Nineteen-year old Claudia Sheeplord is aboard an airplane heading to Denver when she discovers that all attempts to destroy the Death Asteroid before it hits Earth have failed. Not only have they failed, but they have split the asteroid into three catastrophes... Dorian Lennox - Episode 2: After the Death Asteroid strikes Earth, Claudia Sheeplord finds herself stranded on a rooftop island near Denver International Airport surrounded by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. She and four other misfits have managed to escape the wrath of destruction and must now begin to put the pieces back together. Are there any other survivors...? The Others - Episode 3: After Claudia and her group of quirky misfits stumble upon an underground nuclear weapons plant, they are taken prisoner by Dorian Lennox, the ruthless totalitarian leader of the airport shelter and only known survivors. Food and supplies are running low and Dorian’s ultimate goal is survival of the race – and fittest. When Claudia comes to the aid of the “old and sick” it could mean the end for her. Claudia is smart and able to buy some time – time to meet a secret group of survivors in Denver – and the possible love of her life...

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