Slipway Grey

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9780615905242: Slipway Grey

As blood stains the sugar white sands of Pensacola Beach, mysterious disappearances plague the area. But this doesn't stop a group of high school seniors from having one last blowout at an exclusive beach mansion before graduation.

But Mandy, the party's host, has plans of her own. With a special friend, a massive bull shark she befriended as a child, Mandy plans to work through her teen angst the only way she knows how: with the help of massive jaws and an insatiable appetite for human flesh!

“Slipway Grey is just as lovably cheesy and sleazy as you’d expect from its wonderful serial killer + giant shark premise. It’s goofy, gory fun!” —Jeff Strand, author of WOLF HUNT

“Sometimes you want to toss your responsibilities aside and immerse yourself in a guilty pleasure. Slipway Grey is a fun slasher with teens in bikinis, a serial killer, and a loyal-yet-bloodthirsty shark. It doesn’t get more pleasurably guilty that that.” —Mercedes M. Yardley, author of BEAUTIFUL SORROWS

“When a group of unsupervised teenagers celebrate their graduation with a serial killer on the loose some unexpected mayhem is sure to arise. Authors Mark C. Scioneaux and Dane T. Hatchell have created a boatload of horrific fun with Slipway Grey. Don’t let this be the one that gets away!” —Rena Mason, author of THE EVOLUTIONIST

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