Get Your Sexy Back: Happy, Rich & A Great Body...At Any Age!

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9780615958132: Get Your Sexy Back: Happy, Rich & A Great Body...At Any Age!

Discover 12 simple lessons to transform your life at any age. Weight Loss expert, Dawn Ali, isn't the typical self-help guru. Hers is a stranger-than-fiction story of abuse, homelessness, and personal transformation. She spent most of her early life searching for love and acceptance, desperately trying to overcome a secret that ruined her life. Using the timeless principles and practical strategies in this book, she successfully transformed her health, relationships and life -- losing 70 pounds between the age of 46 and 47. Today she mentors and guides others to new heights of personal success as a certified life coach, and a #1 weight loss adviser on helping people all over the world, through her online weight loss, relationships, and career changing courses. Discover the power of: * letting go of limited beliefs and old stories that hold you back * taking charge of your health to create greater energy and focus * saying yes to your dreams * being happier now * developing the courage and confidence to make a bold move Plus, Dawn will help you focus and put what you learn into action with a series of personal coaching assignments. Are you prepared to begin living the life you were meant to live – to develop love, purpose, joy and confidence in your life? Begin today, and let Dawn Ali help you get your sexy back - body, mind and any age!

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