Nicole Grayson Elysium

ISBN 13: 9780615974002


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9780615974002: Elysium

Makayla Evans has spent the last six years going through the motions of school, work and little else following a tragedy that has left her numb to the world around her. But, after following her best friend, Callie, to New York and landing a job at a Fortune five hundred pharmaceutical company, Makayla finds herself in the middle of a storm involving corrupt CEO, Todd Spencer, which she can't get out of. Her senses quickly sharpen when, at the hands of Todd's criminal business associates, she finds herself fighting for her life on a remote tropical island in the middle of the South Pacific with no recollection of how she got there. The serious injury that she’s sustained only adds to her confusion and the only clarity that she can find is in the eyes of the man who saved her life. Welcomed by the small medical research team that's been assigned to the island, the villagers who inhabit it and the team of ex-marines appointed to keep them safe, Makayla discovers the vibrant beauty of Lanu and quickly becomes enchanted by the warm, crystal blue waters, sandy white beaches, lush tropical mountains, and the beautiful, overprotective Kellan, who awakens her senses, breathing life back into her - it isn't long before she finds herself wanting to stay lost in paradise with him. After falling into love and lust, settling comfortably into her Elysium bubble, and forgetting the pain of her past, it seems as though fate has finally turned in Makayla’s favor. But, Kellan has his own reasons for wanting to stay lost with her and together they will have to face the scars of his past, and weather the storm that comes with them. Suspenseful, erotic and deeply romantic, Elysium is a beautiful love story that sweeps you into another world filled with splendor, intrigue, danger and passion.

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About the Author:

Nicole resides in Florida with her husband and three young children. A software analyst by day and a writer by night, she began Elysium, her first novel, in 2011 after (as cliché as it sounds) she had pretty fantastic dream that she wasn’t ready to let go of. Kellan and Makayla came to her in full Technicolor and she quickly discovered, at 31, the joys of writing - something that would become a necessary part of her very busy life. Her three crazy kids (she means beautiful children) keep her running around like a maniac most of the time, but her amazing-best-dad-in-the-world husband keeps her from losing her mind, or at least gets on the crazy train with her. Between baseball, football, school, and work - oh, and the groceries, the cleaning, the laundry… the never ending laundry - you can find her on the beach, holding her kindle, lost in whatever shmexy book her sister has recommended (dirty, dirty sister!). She loves spending time with her besties (sister included) laughing over a bottle of Pinot Grigio, cheering on her sons at the baseball park, playing Barbies with her daughter… oh, and writing (did she mention how much she loves to write?), cooking (a close second behind writing) and, after all the kids have gone to bed, sitting on the couch with her hubby, watching Jimmy Fallon (one of her favorite human beings on the planet). For more about Nicole or Elysium, visit her website or her Facebook page

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