The Tommy "The Duke" Morrison Story

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9780615992587: The Tommy

Described as “a bare-knuckle love story where most of the punches were below the belt and no one was saved by the bell”, Hood provides riveting details from Dawn Morrison Brady’s first encounter with Tommy Morrison to the moment the two-time WBO heavyweight boxing champ succumbed to AIDS in September 2013. Hood’s biography of Tommy Morrison is based upon personal interviews with Dawn Morrison Brady, her detailed journal entries that spanned over 13 years, and early life tales as told to her by Tommy’s grandparents, parents, brothers and sister. It now serves as a permanent record of the life she lived with him for those same hard-fought, abusive years—in and out of the ring. Hood reveals, in great detail, facts about Tommy’s life in and out of the ring, in and out of prison, and in and out of his multiple marriages. Dawn Morrison Brady took every punch Tommy Morrison threw and his death leaves her with what she describes as a mix of “crazy good” and “crazy bad” memories. Despite the negatives, Dawn told Hood, “Tommy was also a very religious man, and was most proud when he was addressed as Champ, but nothing meant as much to him as when his four boys called him Dad.

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Charles Hood, a veteran of more than forty years in the advertising, marketing and public relations businesses having worked with major national and international clients, is a member of the Advisory Board at the University of Tulsa’s School of Journalism and holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Missouri with a major in advertising. He is a past recipient of the Tulsa Advertising Federation’s Silver Addy Award, recognizing him as Tulsa’s “Ad Man of the Year.” His skills have garnered him regional and national ADDY’s and first place awards from the International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival and the Chicago Film Festival. Hood is the author of Wal-Mart’s EGOnomics–Always–The Greed Behind the Smiley Face and Big Rigs, Posh Digs, Fast Cars, Dark Bars that chronicles the inside story of the dramatic failure of the Arrow Trucking Company, previously one of America’s leading trucking companies. Hood currently serves as a marketing and public relations consultant to several public and privately-held companies. He and his wife have four children and seven grandchildren.

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