George Ramovha The Seed And The Weed

ISBN 13: 9780620551045

The Seed And The Weed

9780620551045: The Seed And The Weed

THE DREAMER’S MANUAL Did you know you can see all your dreams come true despite any level of opposition, should you decide to go the scriptural (biblical) way? Did you know there is no one who can stand in your way to success, including your superiors, should you decide to work it out the scriptural way? Anybody or anything that decides to come against your scripturally based success will be standing on losing ground, no matter their credentials. There is a scriptural way of making our dreams come true, no matter what the Devil throws at us. This book will help you to uncover those scriptural principles you can utilise to make all your dreams come true. These principles have been tried, tested and succeeded against all odds for the past 6000 years of human history. These principles never get outdated; they are still applicable in our modern day world. Indeed it is said: “If you stick with the Word, you will surely come back with a testimony.” Your dreams are usually your promotions; and what does the scripture say about promotion? “Promotion does not come from east, west or south, but promotion cometh from the Lord.” Psalm 75:6 – 7 The best-selling author of the book “The World System” and the bible teacher, brother George K. Ramovha explains how the prevailing seed and the weed principles should be applicable to all successful dreamers. The Seed and the Weed is a Spirit-inspired, scripturally based manual consisting of prophetic material for all of your dreams to come true.

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