Interactive Accounting: The Byzantium Software

9780631214014: Interactive Accounting: The Byzantium Software

The workbook has been developed to support the "Interactive Accounting" software. Used together, the workbook and software modules provide an introduction to manipulating the key concepts in both financial and management accounting. They should give both academic and professional students a grounding in the understanding and use of financial and management accounting techniques. The workbook and software cover: financial accounting - the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, transaction recording techniques, trial balance adjustments and final accounts preparation; management accounting - absorption costing, marginal costing, standard costing, and capital investment appraisal. Matching the tutorial and interactive structure of the software modules the workbook provides: the necessary background theory to aid and underpin on-screen manipulation of accounting data; the ability to prepare for working with the software away from the computer; graded exercises for an easy introduction to each topic; and questions and explanations to enhance intuitive understanding of the key concepts. The combined software and workbook package can be integrated throughout any introductory accounting course, or as a stand alone tool for self development for those working away from institutional support. It gives the student complete control over the pace and style of learning. The artificial intelligence of the interactive modules combines with the workbook to provide all the necessary feedback and intelligent support for the user to gain rapid familiarity with the manipulation of complex accounting variables. This learning package should be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students in accounting or related business and management courses, and for all those doing foundation courses for professional examinations.

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