Impumelelo Kwilitheresi: Gr 3: Reader NCS

9780636052765: Impumelelo Kwilitheresi: Gr 3: Reader NCS

Impumelelo kwilitheresi is a home language course developed especially for the literacy learning programme in the Revised National Curriculum Statement (NCS). This pioneering course was developed by the Molteno project and has achieved remarkable results in both South Africa and other sub-Saharan African counties. The programme not only helps children to read fluently and write easily and accurately in their home language, but also to acquire the essential literacy skills that will enable them to become proficient in additional languages - specifically English, when it is to become the language of learning and teaching. Although Impumelelo kwilitheresi is already well-known for its success in literacy education, this new edition has been designed and written specifically around the critical outcomes, learning outcomes and assessment standard of the revised National Curriculum Statement. Another new and exciting development is that the course has now been extended grades 2 and 3. Here is a list of resources for all three grades: teacher's guide; classroom set of four conversation poster; classroom set of phonic posters; teacher's sentence maker and word cards; teacher's sentence holder or plastic stand; learner's book for each learner; learner's sentence makers and word cards for each learner; learners' sentence holders or plastic stands; impumelelo kwilitheresi readers 1 to 10.

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