Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon: Big Book

9780673779199: Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon: Big Book

Harvey Moon's room is a mess! Clothes are everywhere, sticky comic books are shoved under his desk, and there's a cookie under his bed that's so old it's turned gray and fuzzy. What a disaster!
There won't be any cartoons until his room is absolutely spotless. But just when Harvey thinks he's finally done, he discovers that his idea of clean is not the same as his mother's!

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From Publishers Weekly:

Harvey's Saturday cartoon viewing is disrupted by "the voice of DOOM" (his mother): "Today, young man, . . . Is the day you clean your room!" Spurred on by the hope of getting back to the TV, Harvey reluctantly begins the difficult task of sorting out the monumental mess that he has accumulated. He hurriedly puts away T-shirts and sneakers, marbles and a toothbrush. But during Harvey's travails, mysterious lumps begin to form on his bed. Harvey's "hide-it" method of housekeeping may be neat, but it's not clever enough to fool Mom. Many children will empathize with Harvey and his sloppiness, and recognize the familiar items that lurk under beds and in closets. Cummings's ( My Mama Needs Me ) art is a boisterous clutter of color, providing just the right mood for her bouncy, rhyming text. The facial expressions of Harvey and his cat are particularly amusing. Ages 4-7.
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From School Library Journal:

Grade 1-3-- Harvey Moon is just settling in to watch his favorite Saturday morning cartoon when his mother tells him to clean his room. Absolutely stricken, he moans about the television shows he'll miss, but grudgingly proceeds to bring some order to his messy bedroom. Dirty jeans; wet swim trunks; and warm, gray, unrecognizable lumps are just some of the items he discovers during his marathon chore. The bright illustrations in crayon-box hues are lively and humorous, depicting a middle-class African-American child and his wealth of worldly possessions. The rhyming story line, although slight, will appeal to anyone who has ever faced the inevitability of chores when more enjoyable possibilities beckon. --Anna DeWind, Milwaukee Pub . Lib .
Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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