Keyboard Music from the Andreas Bach Book and the Moller Manuscript

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9780674588943: Keyboard Music from the Andreas Bach Book and the Moller Manuscript

The Andreas Bach Book and the Moller Manuscript were the most important sources for the young J.S. Bach's keyboard music. Compiled in the early 18th century by his eldest brother and only keyboard teacher, this anthology of 55 keyboard works provides an instructive view of Bach's early music within the context of a spectrum of works by his elder North German colleagues: Georg Bohm, Dietrich Buxtehude, and Johann Adam Reincken. This book presents arcane keyboard works by the young J. S..Bach and earlier versions of his better known works. Included are the unpublished keyboard pieces and works by well known contemporaries, as well as works by lesser-known composers for which modern editions are not easily accessible. Intended for both player and scholar, this edition offers an easy-to-read layout that emphasizes the clarity of the counterpoint. Of particular interest to organists is the presentation of the organ works in the appropriate notion of the time, on two staves with the pedal voice integrated into the bass staff.

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