Northern Italian Cooking: Simple Classic recipes (Regional Italian Cooking) (Volume 1)

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9780692202869: Northern Italian Cooking: Simple Classic recipes (Regional Italian Cooking) (Volume 1)

Northern Italian Cooking: Simple Classic Recipes is the ideal cookbook for the beginner and experienced cook alike. Every attempt was made to keep the recipes as close to the originals as possible. The recipes were selected for their simple, natural ingredients and cooking methods. In easy to understand language, the directions take you through the recipes step by step. Also included is a short description of the uniqueness of Northern Italian cuisine. Availability of natural resources, topography, weather and proximity to neighbor’s cuisines all combine to make Northern Italy’s food robust and filled with flavors and textures found no where else. Most everyone loves Italian food! Check the book out for a nice selection of: · Salads · Pastas, Rices & Beans · Meat Dishes · Soups and · Desserts. Grab your copy today and have a great Italian feast tonight!

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About the Author:

Teresa Moretti learned to cook from her grandfather. He was a talented natural chef having no formal education. Trial and error were his teachers and he passed everything he learned down to his granddaughter, whom he adored. Teresa inherited many of his natural abilities and over the years has become an avid home cook. Teresa's passion to pass on her knowledge to future generations is what prompted her to begin writing down the simple and classic recipes contained in her books. Since the cuisines of Northern and Southern Italy have their own unique flavors and methods, it became clear that two books would be needed to begin to cover both topics. Teresa's love of cooking covers all ethnicities. She plans to write more cookbooks in the near future. Keep an eye out for them. She hopes that beginners and experienced cooks alike will use her books as staples in their kitchens and that they will remain favorites for years to come.

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