The Best Wild Game & Seafood Cookbook Ever

9780692234686: The Best Wild Game & Seafood Cookbook Ever

This cookbook contains some of the most-delicious recipes we've tried and tested from the best wild-game and fish chefs all over the nation to answer the question, "What will I do with this meat?" It contains delicious recipes for venison, elk, wild pigs, turkeys, birds, rabbits, squirrels, crabs, shrimp and more than 20 species of freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as helpful information about how to prepare your game or fish for eating.

Because wild game and fish eat only natural and native forage, their meats are some of the most cholesterol-free meats you can serve. Fish and wild game have not been injected with any hormones or antibiotics. To feed your family lean meat and fish, this outdoor cookbook will tell you some of the tastiest ways to prepare these dishes from the wild. Free-range meat is in high demand and sells for high prices at grocery stores. However, there's a tremendous bounty of free-range meat for those who go afield to hunt and fish. This cookbook contains more than 350 of the best wild game recipes we've used over the last 46 years for you to enjoy.

I've been eating and cooking game for many a year, across two continents. Done right there is nothing tastier! John & Denise Phillips have made hunting & fishing part of their lives for many a long year. Their harvest is often much of their family's meat supply, and Denise has become expert at adapting recipes to utilize the far leaner wild game instead of a supermarket product. The Best Wild Game & Seafood Cookbook Ever: 350 Southern Recipes for Deer, Turkey, Fish, Seafood, Small Game and Birds presents an extensive collection of recipes they've accumulated over the years - 350 of them. While some of these certainly qualify as the sort of "gourmet" recipe to please any foodie, many of them utilize venison hamburger or sausage made according to John's recipes and/or pantry ingredients most of us have ready to hand. Venison is only the beginning though. You'll also find recipes for elk, wild pig, and wild turkey, along with various wild birds and fish. I didn't find any recipes for moose - I suspect moose may not roam as far south as Alabama. If you're lucky enough to lay hands on some, many of the venison recipes will do.

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