Saga of 5 Ages: The 12 Rings of the Emperor - Tales 3 & 4

9780692254028: Saga of 5 Ages: The 12 Rings of the Emperor - Tales 3 & 4

Saga of 5 Ages: An epic tale spanning thousands of years, as told by those that have lived through them all. The 12 Rings of the Emperor - What is the meaning behind this enigmatic phrase? Is it a riddle to be solved? Or is there treasure to be found? The Battlemage - Sent halfway across the world, Valimvor Drasz and his ogress companion discover mystery and intrigue in the desert kingdom of Shadrakir. Will they find clues to the fall of Diathilos in this strange and unforgiving land or will they become victims in a nation where murder and betrayal are commonplace?. The Assassin - Alik Den-Shazzar, deposed noble of Shadrakir, seeks a way to regain his former power and glory. Will his quest for the 12 Rings allow him to reclaim his title and holdings or does the dark god Prak have another destiny in store? Based on the forthcoming roleplaying game. Book 2 of a five-part series

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