Ian T Simmons From Process To Promise

ISBN 13: 9780692312384

From Process To Promise

9780692312384: From Process To Promise

There is a lot of conversation regarding a believer receiving a promise from the Lord however very seldom do you hear anyone speak about the process, the in between, everything that a child of God will have to go through to go from promise given to promise fulfilled. The process is necessary, for cultivation, revelation, and impartation. Yes, the process is working for you even though you think it is working against you. I welcome you to this journey down the corridor of the pages of the very sentiments of heaven, the very mind of God concerning the good things that He has prepared for you even in the midst of what appears to be some of the worst seasons of your life. It is my sincere prayer that you will come to understand why the process is necessary because, if we would be honest, there are things that we are going through that do not make sense. If you go through the journey you are guaranteed to enter and experience your destined place, the place called the promise.

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About the Author:

Ian T. Simmons a native New Yorker, is a young man whom God has called for such a time as this. Raised in a God-fearing, bible believing home, where the things of the Lord were introduced to him at a very young age, he was saved and filled with the infilling of the Holy Ghost at the tender age of six. At a young age he received a powerful impartation through the laying on of hands by The Late Evangelist, Reverend R.W. Schambach, which caused him to operate in the gift of Healing. From his Mother’s womb God called him to preach the Gospel and at the age of ten, he preached his first initial sermon in June 1994. Since then God continues to open doors for him and anoint him like never before, so that souls would be: saved, healed, delivered and transformed by the power of God’s word. His preaching endeavors have allowed him to minister throughout Washington D.C. and the states of Maryland, New York, and Georgia. After eight years of preaching he was officially ordained and licensed as a Minister of the Gospel on September 15, 2002. He is a faithful and active member of the Ambassador Pentecostal Church in Christ, Bronx, NY where he served under the anointed leadership of His Grace, the late Apostle David T. Simmons, who was the Founder and Presiding Prelate of the Kingdom Pentecostal Covenant Assemblies until the Lord called him from labor to reward . He served as the Chief Adjutant to his Senior Pastor and Adjutant General in the Kingdom Pentecostal Covenant Assemblies. Ian currently holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Pastoral Ministry & Pastoral Counseling from Nyack College Manhattan Campus. He is married to his lovely wife, Lady Stacey R. Simmons, he is the first and only son to his father the late Apostle David T. Simmons and his mother Co-Pastor Sharon I. Simmons and Brother to Davasha Christine. Wherever he goes, he has been mandated by God to tell the people in God, “To know that in God, there is NO such thing as limitations, your latter shall be Greater than your past and your Best is yet to come!

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