Sometimes I See God: The Insights of an Evolving Spirit.

9780692320693: Sometimes I See God: The Insights of an Evolving Spirit.
From the Publisher:

When Ayanna Nefertaari broke away from established churches and religions, she began a remarkable spiritual journey—a journey she mapped out for others to follow. Sometimes I See God is that map.

In this small but powerful book, Ayanna writes with imagination and passion on the evolution of her spirit. She covers topics as diverse as Christ, soul evolution, emotional intelligence, relationships, and the joys of practical, day-to-day spirituality.

Ayanna’s goal is to grow ever closer to the universal Source, and her mesmerizing writing will inspire you to chart your own spiritual pathway. Her personal revelations proved a catalyst for her own healing. Her frank, powerful explorations of self-growth, self-power, and self-actualization have the power to transform you—if you’re ready to accept a new way of viewing yourself, the universe, and your role in it.

Reminiscent of the enlightening lessons of The Secret and Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love, Sometimes I See God offers those with courage and curiosity a means to break through the boundaries of traditional spiritual understanding. Humanity stands on the cusp of a new era of love and acceptance, and Ayanna invites you to be part of this glorious new world.

About the Author:

Ayanna Nefertaari is a student of life who uses her transcendental experiences to help others achieve spiritual awakening. Greatly influenced by Eastern spiritual traditions, she merges these teachings with innovative and modern Western spirituality.

Nefertaari emphasizes both practical living and spirituality in her teachings. Her personal experiences with intense loss and depression served as a catalyst for her own enlightenment.

Nefertaari resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She writes poems and eloquent letters to God, and spends each moment attempting to grow closer to the Source. Her soul’s purpose is to participate in the healing of the world.

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