Visceral Vascular Manipulations

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9780702043512: Visceral Vascular Manipulations

This work demonstrates a novel approach to visceral osteopathy. Basing their ideas on anatomy and physiology, Jean-Pierre Barral and Alain Croibier propose manipulation of the arteries to treat the intestines and other internal organs by increasing their blood flow. The arteries, elastic and muscular in structure, and the innumerable nerve filaments which surround them, react ideally to manual treatment. To be effective, however, these manipulations must be specific and precise.

Thanks to the authors' long experience as therapists, their mastery of osteopathic techniques and the aid of ultrasound technology, they have devised innovative techniques to improve the visceral vascular circulation. In this book the authors show the various sites of the principle pulses of the body and summarise the physiology of the circulation of the blood. The main organs and their physiology are addressed and include the heart, pancreas, small intestine, colon and other abdominal structures as well as the regions of the neck, skull and pelvic cavity.

Rich in detailed, high quality illustrations, this book serves as both an anatomical reference and a guide to carrying out visceral vascular manipulations in the most effective way possible.

The work is aimed at experienced osteopaths as well as those in training, and at other manual therapists who wish to widen their scope.

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Ostéopathe DO, diplômé de l¿ European School of Ostheopathy (Maidstone, Royaume-Uni) et de la faculté de médecine Paris-Nord (département ostéopathie et médecine manuelle)

Ostéopathe DO, membre du registre des ostéopathes de France ; diplômé de l'École d'ostéopathie AT. Still Academy (Lyon)


1. General principles

2 The practice of visceral vascular manipulation

Section 1 Vessels of the thorax

Section 2 Vessels of the head and neck

Section 3 Vessels of the abdomen

Section 4 Urogenital vessels

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