Juta's Local Government Law Digest

9780702157080: Juta's Local Government Law Digest

During the past decade, Parliament has transformed the legislative framework within which local government operates. Juta's Local Government Law Digest, a compendium of laws applicable to local government, helps municipal officials and those in related professions to find out what the law provides and to keep pace with change. Comprehensive: This two-volume reference work, comprising 2126 pages, brings together the legislation governing municipal administration, and court judgements relating to the interpretation of these laws. User-friendly: The particular advantage of the work is that it takes, as its point of departure, the areas of municipal activity and responsibility, and then indicates, under each, the applicable legal provisions. Some laws are reproduced in full, while others appear in the form of extracts. Summaries of important judgements are provided to illustrate the approach taken by the courts in applying the legislative provisions. Updateable: The work is housed in two attractive loose-leaf volumes with plastic interleaves. Sturdy and attractive binders make for ease of use. The most comprehensive compilation of laws relating to local government . Laws reproduced in their totality or in extracts, as appropriate. Thematic organisation of the material makes for ease of reference. Summaries of relevant cases illustrate application of legislative provisions. Loose-leaf format allows incorporation of frequent changes to the law.<

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