Career Counselling and Guidance in the Workplace: A Manual for Career Practitioners

9780702189104: Career Counselling and Guidance in the Workplace: A Manual for Career Practitioners

This 2nd Edition integrates theoretical and practical perspectives on career counselling and guidance. The book is aimed at postgraduate students, career practitioners, human resource practitioners and psychologists working in the field of career counselling and guidance. Practical activities and case studies help to develop the knowledge, insight and skills to practise career counselling and guidance in the contemporary workplace. Key features: Extensively updated and expanded, this second edition offers insight regarding -- The changing nature of careers, organisational career development culture and talent retention in an organisational context and their influence on career development needs; The roles and tasks of the career counsellor within the organisational career development support context; Guiding and assisting employees in dealing emotionally intelligently with the challenges of workplace uncertainty, frequent career transitions and career-related stress; The principles underpinning the career counselling and guidance process, and writing the career counselling report; Classical and emergent post modern career theories and approaches that influence career counselling and guidance; A diagnostic framework for career services, tools and techniques for assisting employees with career planning and development; Competency and ethical requirements for practising career counselling in the South African context; The practice and profession of career counselling and guidance within the international and South African contexts Extensive illustrations, actual case studies and activities help readers with the topics under discussion.

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