Ian Allan Atlas of Railway Station Closures

ISBN 13: 9780711038158

Atlas of Railway Station Closures

9780711038158: Atlas of Railway Station Closures

This new atlas shows all standard gauge railway lines built in Britain and the dates of when each line and station were closed. The first part of the book consists of an atlas of the entire historical railway network in Britain and the second part of the book provides a complete index and gazetteer of the stations listing the date of closure (if closed). The railway network on the maps are shown in one colour and stations that have closed areshown underlined on the atlas. In the gazetteer the dates are shown as DD-MM-YYYY. The company or BR Region (or later) owning the station at the time of closure is listed as well as the last pre-Grouping company. The name of the station used is the name at the time of closure. The full sequence of historical changes to each station name is not listed. Our previous reference book showing dates of closures, Passengers No More, was published over many editions but has been out of print for many years. This new atlas provides a much more detailed source of information than was available in Passengers No More. Readers will be able to see at a glance a geographical overview of all railway station closures. Also, Passengers No More listed closure dates only by line whereas in this new book each station is listed.

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