9780711228498: 1000 Fonts
From the Publisher:

The fast way to a font that functions. By organizing fonts into categories by their major aspects of function, 1000 Fonts offers a fast way to find a typeface for the project at hand. Each font is marked with a range of icons that instantly identify its salient and supplementary features, with cross-references to direct you toward suitable alternatives. The book also contains a wealth of beautiful examples of fonts in action to demonstrate exactly how your selection of font will perform in practice. It includes: * Informative captions explaining the history and development of each font, its main features and functions. * Detailed profiles of notable font designers. * A comprehensive glossary of typographical terms. * An exhaustive list of resources, including type foundry contact information.

About the Author:

Bob Gordon has experience in a wide range of graphic design including magazines, publishing, promotion and exhibition, the print and reprographics industry, and as a consultant for the British Government. Currently a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton and a visiting lecturer at Kingston University, he also runs a freelance design consultancy. His published work includes Making Digital Type look Good and The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design, in collaboration with Maggie Gordon.

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