Laurent Giles: Evolution of Yacht Design

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9780713633221: Laurent Giles: Evolution of Yacht Design

The book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter contains a biography of Jack Laurent Giles followed by a review of the company origin, its development and evolution through to the present day. In this chapter important and exceptional Giles designs are discussed in context and include designs from the pre-war and post-war period. The formation of the present-day company, Laurent Giles Ltd, a direct descendant of the original company, is also included within this section and provides an interesting insight into modern-day yacht design methods, particularly with the introduction of computer technology and computer aided design (CAD) systems. The second, third and fourth chapters contain, respectively, 10, 19 and 15 one-off Laurent Giles yacht designs produced during 1927-1982. Each design is outlined in a separate section which provides information about the owner, builder and date of construction, together with the physical parameters of the boat. Following this there is a general description of the design together with information about its specific achievements, notable voyages and racing successes. In chapter five the introduction of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) as a new boat construction material together with the advent of mass production boats during the 1960s is discussed. Laurent Giles had entered this field in the very beginning and was responsible for a number of very popular production boat designs. Seven of the most influential production yachts are described in detail. The last chapter contains some of the most interesting recent Laurent Giles designs from 1982 to the present day, and include a lifeboat, a ULDB (ultra-light displacement boat), a 70ft training vessel, a 90ft, private schooner, and 80ft motor yacht, and the 1987 America's Cup contender, Crusader 2.

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