Modern Organ Tuning: The How and Why

9780722259276: Modern Organ Tuning: The How and Why

Tuning intended specially for those who are engaged in organ work, whether in the building of organs, or in the playing of organs, professionally or otherwise. The demand for new editions of my former book The Art ofT uning the Pianoforte encourages the hope that my present task will be justified by a similar degree of usefulness. In that Pianoforte treatise my aim was il to enable the musician to tune his own pianoforte ;in the present case however I cannot start upon the same footing, with the advice that every Organist should tune his own organ, foreseeing that such an incitement, if it took effect, would certainly lead in most instances to disastrous results to the organ, palliated only by the gratitude to be won from organ builders for the additional amount of work thrown into their hands.
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