The Growing Hand: Diagnosis and Management of the Upper Extremity in Children

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9780723421337: The Growing Hand: Diagnosis and Management of the Upper Extremity in Children

As the only book devoted to the management of hand conditions in children, THE GROWING HAND provides a unique, single resource for clinicians dealing with these problems. It includes comprehensive coverage from anatomy and embryology to clinical, surgical and psychological aspects. 2630 illustrations, nearly half in full color, show skin changes, vascular formations, tumors and operative details.

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SECTION 1 BACKGROUND 1 Evolution of the human hand 2 Genetics and genetic counseling 3 Psychology SECTION 2 BIRTH, GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT 4 Embryology 5 Tissue Differentiation in the Human Embryo 6 Developmental Skeletogenesis 7 Development and maturation of the nervous system 9 Skeletal maturation and normal radiological 10 Child Development 11 Functional development of the hand SECTION 3 ESSENTIALS 12 Talking to Parents and Children 13 Imaging the Upper Extremity 14 Electrophysiological Studies in Children 15 Anesthesia 16 The Tourniquet 17 Postoperative Care - Pharmacology/Fluids SECTION 4 CONGENITAL ANOMALIES 18 Demography and social impact 19 Classification of congenital anomalies 20 Timing of surgery 21 Phocomelia 22 Radial Club Hand 23 Correcting congenital thumb anomalies: oppenensplasty and pollicization 24 Metatarsophalangeal Joint Transfer for Type IIB 25 Longitudinal Ulnar Deficiency in the Hand 26 The Elbow in Ulnar Club Hand 27 The Cleft Hand 28 Symbrachydactyly 29 Syndactyly 30 Synostosis 31 New Approach to Congenital Radio-Ulnar Synostosis 32 Polydactyly 33 Triphalangeal Thumb 34 In search of mirror hand 35 Macrodactyly 36 Brachydactyly 37 Symphalangism 38 Camptodactyly 39 Clinodactyly 40 Kirner's Deformity 41 Delta Phalanges 42 Congenital Constriction Ring Syndrome 43 Abnormalities of tendons, triggering and absences 44 The Thumb Clasped Hand 45 The Windblown Hand 46 The Apert Hand 47 Congenital Abnormalities of the Retinacular System of the Hand SECTION 5 CHROMOSOMAL DISORDERS/DYSPLASIAS/ DYSOSTOSES 48 Chromosomal Disorders 49 Skeletal Dysplasias 50 Skeletal Dysostosis SETION 6 HEMATOLOGICAL DISORDERS 51 Hematological Disorders and Reticuloendothelioses SECTION 7 COLLAGEN DISORDERS 52 Joint laxity 53 Soft tissue calcification of the upper limb 54 Epidermolysis bullosa 55 Epidermolysis bullosa: a personal viewpoint SECTION 8 NEUROMUSCULAR CONDITIONS 56 Neuromuscular disorders of the upper extremity 57 Surgical management of neuromuscular disorders of the upper extremity 58 The Upper Limb in Cerebral Palsy 59 Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Injury SECTION 9 SKIN & NAIL CONDITIONS 60 Skin & Nail Conditions 61 Surgical Aspects of Nail Deformities SECTION 10 TRAUMA 62 Critical Care/Emergency care 63 Mutilating hand injuries assessment and general management principles 64 Special Considerations in Children's Fractures 65 Fractures and dislocations - Growth plate injuries 66 Fractures and dislocations around the shoulder 67 Fractures and dislocations around the elbow 68 Fractures of the forearm bones 69 Carpal Injuries in Children 70 Fractures and dislocations in the hand 71 Flexor and extensor tendon Injuries 72 Skin Coverage in the hand 73 Nail bed and finger tip injuries 74 Nerve Injuries 75 Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury 76 Vascular Injuries 77 Thermal and chemical injuries 78 Electrical burn injuries 79 Bites & Stings 80 Gunshot Wounds SECTION 11 RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY OF DEVELOPMENTAL & ACQUIRED DEFORMITY 81 Acquired Deformities 82 Shoulder Problems in Children 83 Elbow Problems in Children 84 Carpal problems 85 Madelung deformity 86 Multiple osteochondromas 87 Reconstructive Surgery in Brachial Plexus Palsy 88 Reconstructive Surgery in Peripheral Nerve Palsy SECTION 12 VASCULAR DEFORMITIES 89 Vascular disorders of the upper extremity SECTION 13 TUMORS 90 Pathology of Soft Tissue Tumors 91 Surgical aspects of soft tissue tumors 92 Pathology of Bone Tumors 93 Surgical aspects of Bone Tumors 94 Biological Reconstruction following bone tumor excision 95 Oncological Aspects SECTION 14 ARTHRITIS 96 Juvenile Chronic Arthritis 97 Surgical Aspects of Juvenile Chronic Arthritis SECTION 15 INFECTIONS 98 Hand infections in children 99 Surgical management of hand infections SECTION 16 MICROSURGERY 100 Replantations 101 Free tissue transfer in children 102 Toe to hand transfers 103 Vascularized Joint Transfers 104 Functioning muscle transfers 105 Congenital Pseudoarthrosis of Forearm Bones 106 Vascularized nail grafting in children SECTION 17 SPECIFIC ORTHOPEDIC PROCEDURES 107 Phalangeal Transfers 108 Limb lengthening 109 Corrective osteotomy SETION 18 ORTHOTICS/PROSTHESIS 110 Orthotics 111 Functional Prosthesis 112 Cosmetic Prosthesis SECTION 19 THE CHILD ARTIST 113 The Juvenile Performing Artist SECTION 20 THE DEVELOPING WORLD 114 The Child's Hand in the Developing World SECTION 21 THE FUTURE 115 Limb Transplantation 116 Fetal Wound & Intrauterine Surgery Prospects of Intrauterine Intervention for Congenital Hand Anomalies SECTION 22 APPENDIX INDEX

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