Quality in the Classroom: Learning about Teaching through Case Studies

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9780733606458: Quality in the Classroom: Learning about Teaching through Case Studies

Quality in the Classroom: Learning about teaching through case studies is aimed at teachers who want to learn how to improve the quality of their teaching and learning. It is a fascinating look at how children think and learn and the difficulties teachers face when trying to convey ideas and to interest and stimulate their students. The book is organised around the National Competency Framework for Beginning Teaching which lists essential teaching skills in the following areas: professional knowledge and values; working with students and others; teaching and learning; monitoring student progress; planning for continuous improvement. The book contains twenty-two Australian case studies in which teachers or observers examine the quality of a lesson. The report of the lesson is followed by commentaries written by colleagues and teacher educators. At the heart of each chapter is a set of activities which reflect on the teaching skills displayed, suggest ways to explore them and consider the underlying educational issues. References for further reading are also provided. Each chapter ends with a professional development chart inviting teachers to rate themselves and the teacher in the case study on essential teaching skills and to make a plan for improvement.

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