Doubles Tennis Tactics (Book & DVD)

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9780736064187: Doubles Tennis Tactics (Book & DVD)

Developed in conjunction with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and world-renowned coach Louis Cayer, the Doubles Tennis Tactics Book/DVD Package will help make you part of a winning team on the court!

Use the book to learn what positions and movements to use and what shots to make using proven patterns of play. These patterns will increase consistency, put more pressure on opponents, and result in greater success in competitions. 103 playing patterns and drills that are most effective in specific match situations are presented. Court positioning and movement patterns are covered for all four players—server, server's partner, receiver, and receiver's partner—as well as court coverage and special formations for the serving and receiving teams. Practice drills reinforce the patterns so that smart tactical decisions become automatic on every point.

The DVD is the perfect learning vehicle for any dedicated doubles player with a strong desire to improve. On-camera expert Louis Cayer has presented his workshop on tennis doubles at ITF conferences on five continents in front of tennis federation leaders from more than 100 countries. He presents complete overage of the most effective patterns and strategies for every critical aspect of the game:

-Team strategy






Top international pros demonstrate the patterns in Davis and Federation Cup play. Cayer describes the responsibilities of each player by position, followed by sample drills to help viewers practice and reinforce the correct patterns. Cayer teaches how to implement advanced doubles skills, including movement and shot selection patterns. The drills progress in difficulty right up to specific game situations.

Human Kinetics DVDs are coded for universal playback and can be played in all regions of the world.

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About the Author:

This product was authored by Human Kinetics based on the contributions of:

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is one of the largest sport federations in the world. As the worldwide leader and governing body of tennis, the ITF has 199 member nations. The ITF is committed to extending the breadth and depth of tennis to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to play tennis.


"Doubles Tennis Tactics teaches the correct court positioning, movement patterns, and shot selection in each situation a doubles team will encounter in a match. These tactics are exactly what a player must master to play winning doubles and mixed doubles tennis."

Paola Suarez and Virginia Ruano Pascual
World #1 ranked women's doubles team

"Louis Cayer continues to provide leadership through bio-mechanics and tactics in doubles tennis at all levels of the sport. His innovative ideas and strategies are widely respected and have helped me progress to one of the worlds top players."

Daniel Nestor
Number one men's doubles player, 2002
Men's doubles Olympic gold medalist, 2000

"Coach Cayer helped me achieve the number one ranking in the world, and now he shares his teachings in Doubles Tennis Tactics. The patterns presented in the book worked for me and they will work for any doubles team!"

Grant Connell
Canadian Davis Cup Captain
Former Number one doubles player, 1993

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