Doumani, Carol Chinese Checkers

ISBN 13: 9780736633789

Chinese Checkers

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9780736633789: Chinese Checkers

A young dental student discovers that her husband had as secret life , which leads them both into intrigue and adventure in Hong Kong and China. Part travelogue, part romantic adventure, Chinese Checkers is a tale about teeth, trust, treachery, and true love.

From the Publisher:

What Karen Matthews does is follow her husband to the other side of the world, where she becomes an unwitting pawn in a perilous game of Chinese Checkers, played out across the awesome landscape of China.

Narrating with wry wit and a keenly observant eye, Karen recounts her extraordinary adventure in the form of a travelogue, as she and her best friend Lily, truly strangers in a strange land, trek from the high-rises of exotic Hong Kong the low country of The People's Republic of China, searching for clues that will lead them to Peter and the truth. Traveling without benefit of guide or guidebook, into a part of China where few westerners have ever been, Karen and Lily's journey offers the reader a richly authentic and insightful view into the soul of a remote and ancient culture, and the heart of a modern marriage.

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