Accessing CICS Business Applications From the World Wide Web

9780738400426: Accessing CICS Business Applications From the World Wide Web

The advent of the World Wide Web, the availability of powerful and inexpensive personal computers, and the ready availability of connection to the Internet, led to explosive growth in Internet usage and in the number of individuals and organizations with access to it. As a result, many organizations are considering whether they should provide direct access to their operational systems for customers and/or clients via the Internet in order to provide better service or gain competitive advantage.

This IBM Redbook is written primarily for information technology professionals responsible for designing and managing CICS-based OLTP applications, to help them make these applications available to users of the Internet and the World Wide Web. It looks at how this can be done, and at issues such as security and data integrity that need to be understood when deciding whether to proceed down this path, and how far to go.

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