The Readings of Derrida (The Frontiers of Theory)

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9780748675401: The Readings of Derrida (The Frontiers of Theory)

Distinguished critic reads Derrida's early texts in terms of sexual difference, the uncanny and psychoanalysis The first complete translation into English of Sarah Kofman's only book length study of her former teacher demonstrates the essentially affirmative and open ended nature of Derridean deconstruction. It also shows the ways in which Kofman's thinking shaped Derrida's work, especially around the topic of sexual difference. This volume will help English readers to reconsider the relation of deconstruction to current political theory as well as to research into the post human, biopolitics, globalised political theory, and the on going transformation and displacement of philosophy by the methods of cultural studies. Readings of Derrida will help redress a gap in Derrida scholarship, as well as highlight Kofman's contribution to 20th century French feminism. English complete translation of an incisive work on Derrida by a significant French feminist critic; situates Derrida's ideas in original relation to Freud, Plato, sexual difference and political philosophy; covers all the major works for which Derrida is best known and the introduction sets Kofman's work in today's theoretical context.

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About the Author:

Patience Moll is Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of English at Tulane University.

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