Keith Brindley Automatic Test Equipment

ISBN 13: 9780750601306

Automatic Test Equipment

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9780750601306: Automatic Test Equipment

The main purpose of this book is to demystify automatic test equipment. Existing literature on automatic test equipment is often written by engineers who look at automatic test equipment from inside-out. However, engineers are not renowned for high qualities of authorship. Other main sources of literature are worldwide standards. But these do not usually explain automatic test equipment; instead they merely formalize its component parts. From any existing literature therefore it is difficult to ask the question,"What is automatic test equipment"? and find a satisfactory answer. This book is for anyone who has an interest in automatic test equipment - anyone in the industry who needs to know what types of equipment are available, what each type is capable of doing, what tests are performed, what computer buses are used, what the buses are capable of, and so on, will find answers here. Managers, engineers, technicians, scientists, students, teaches, graduates, those in purchasing positions should benefit. It is a general-purpose book, which explains concepts, and also a reference book which defines specifications.

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About the Author:

Keith is a freelance journalist whose whole life (well, apart from the wife, the kids, the music and the mountain bike) is computers. He's been writing about them (computers, that is) for over 18 years, in the meantime working as a teacher, lecturer, engineer, journalist and finally (for the last 12 years) freelance in the computing field. He fondly remembers his first contacts with the Commodore Pet, the various Sinclair oddities, the BBC, PC-DOS, MS-DOS, the Mac, and the various incarnations of Windows. He dreams of new software and hardware, he realises that writing about computers makes little compared to making computers or writing the software for them, he is fully committed to passing his experience along to and making computer-life easier for his readers, yet still enjoys what he's doing. Which can't be all bad!

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