Giancarlo De Carlo

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9780750612753: Giancarlo De Carlo

This work is a critical survey of De Carlo's work, and traces the evolution of his ideas and reviews his theoretical writings. Featuring a recent interview with De Carlo, it provides examples of his work, and gives new insights into different aspects of modern architecture in Italy. According to De Carlo, architecture has been characterized, since the Second World War, by a form of schizophrenia - violent and senseless fluctuations between opposing tendencies. For decades, he claims, architects focused on the large-scale rather than the small, on technology rather than art and on practice rather than theory. Then there occurred a volte-face, and all the emphasis was suddenly on architecture rather than on urbanism, on exceptional rather than ordinary architecture and on pure fantasy rather than pure technology. For De Carlo, a form of synthesis is the answer, where "architecture deals with the organization of space and therefore involves rationality, method, coherence. But then it is also a question of form, which requires intuition, invention, evocation, prophecy".

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