Case Studies in Material Selection

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9780750636049: Case Studies in Material Selection

Selection of the best material and the most appropriate manufacturing process route are two decisions that will have significant impact on the final product. They are commonly based on human-resident experience or on established local practice. As such, some potentially usable materials or processes may be overlooked, and the material or process chosen to make some new and unfamiliar component may be sub-standard.

This book is a collection of over 50 case studies in systematic material and process selection, designed to give students and practitioners real-life examples of problems they will encounter throughout their engineering careers.

The case studies illustrate the use of a novel selection methodology and data system to select candidate materials and processes for a wide range of applications and components: mechanical, thermal, electrical, and combinations of these. Each case study addresses the question: out of all the materials or processes available to the engineer, how can a short list of promising candidates be identified?

Most of the case studies are generic: materials for beams, springs, flywheels, pivots, flexible couplings, pressure vessels and precision instruments are examples. The selection criteria they yield are basic to the proper selection of a material for these applications.

* Over 50 case studies that illustrate the best-practice method of material selection.
* Details a wide range of material applications: mechanical, thermal, electrical, and combinations of these.
* Provides the reader with problem-solving techniques for situations that may be encountered with processes.

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