Chaplin, Stella Lip Kisses

ISBN 13: 9780752846538

Lip Kisses

9780752846538: Lip Kisses
From the Publisher:

Lindy Usher is a tabloid photographer who is seriously in a rut. Her job isn¿t really what she wants to do and her relationship with Andrew is less than thrilling. What¿s worse, she¿s begun to realise that her attraction-to-sexy-men radar is well and truly switched on. Then, out of the blue, she hears that her best friend from school Natalie is coming back from America. Ten years before, Natalie stole Lindy¿s first love and broke her heart ¿ but that¿s all forgiven and forgotten now. Or is it? Because when Lindy sets eyes on Natalie¿s charming, rakish fiancé Max, she falls dramatically and utterly head over heels for him. And if her radar is reading correctly, he feels something like the same for her. But things are not that simple. For one thing, Natalie is now a major star on American TV and is just as thin and beautiful as she has to be, and for another, Lindy is already married¿

A comic, romantic novel with real intelligence, Lip Kisses is wonderfully well handled and confident. It¿s full of wry and witty observations and has the hallmark of really successful commercial authors: taking dark situations and making them engrossing and entertaining, as well as moving and real. Absorbing to the end, this novel is a delicious and clever read.

About the Author:

Stella Chaplin was brought up in London and has lived in Australia and America, pursuing a variety of careers. She now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband where she runs her own stables.

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