E F Benson Lucia in London

ISBN 13: 9780753115374

Lucia in London

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9780753115374: Lucia in London

Pepino's Aunt dies, and all are curious as to what she has left her sole surviving relative. Lucia gradually lets slip that there is a house in Brompton Square, London, with a quantity of furniture, and an annual income of three thousand pounds. Lucia leaves for London, seen off only by Georgie. Meanwhile Daisy has a great idea: to set up a museum with various Roman coins and bits of old brickwork. She contacts Georgie who promptly agrees to help. but Lucia has not been asked to take part, and her revenge on Georgie is sharp...

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From the Publisher:

Lucia in London is E.F. Benson's second acclaimed Lucia novel. After her husband's Auntie Amy dies and leaves her London home to Lucia and her sweet but dull husband, Peppino, the Queen of English provincial society attempts to conquer London. Using her best social climbing instincts, nerves of steel, and an absolute inability to be embarrassed, Lucia dresses up "tightum" and prepares to mingle with the beau monde. She skillfully manages to get into London's fanciest parties without being invited, and somehow coaxes the most distinguished and wealthiest guests to come to tea. A secret society of "Luciaphiles" springs up in London, among society members who never tire of watching Lucia get into, and out of, all kinds of trouble. Both a sharply observed social commentary and a masterful comic novel, Lucia in London is a thoroughly enjoyable work from one of England's most gifted satirical authors.

About the Author:

E. F. Benson was an English novelist, biographer, memoirist, archaeologist and short story writer.

Judith Kerr was born in Berlin, the daughter of a distinguished German writer. She left Germany with her family in 1933 to escape from the Nazis and they arrived in England in 1936, having spent the intervening years in Switzerland and France. She was married to the writer Nigel Kneale.Their daughter Tacy is an artist, and their son Matthew is an acclaimed novelist.

In 2012, Judith was awarded an OBE for her services to children s literature and Holocaust education

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