Knock 'em Dead ("Murder, She Wrote")

9780754048411: Knock 'em Dead (

When one of her mystery books is turned into a Broadway play, Jessica hits the Big Apple to help out the production. But when dead bodies offstage start upstaging the performers onstage, it's up to Jess to drop the curtain on a killer!

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From the Back Cover:

When her latest mystery novel is tapped to become a Broadway play, Jessica Fletcher is thrilled beyond words. But she soon learns that the bright lights of the New York theater scene aren't all they're cracked up to be. From a snobbish playwright, to an unstable young actress, to a slew of backstage brouhahas, Jess may be in over her head -- until the less-than-beloved producer of the play is found dead -- right on cue.

But the show must go on. With a motley marquee of eccentric suspects, Jessica must step into the spotlight to find the culprit. But as she gets closer to dropping the final curtain on a killer, the murderer writes a script of his own that casts Jessica in a most unpleasant the next victim!

About the Author:

Jessica Fletcher is a bestselling mystery writer who has a knack for stumbling upon real-life mysteries in her various travels. 

Donald Bain, Jessica Fletcher’s longtime collaborator, is the writer of over eighty books, many of them bestsellers.

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