Thomas and the Dragon's Pearl

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9780755204304: Thomas and the Dragon's Pearl

When dragons and wizards roamed the Earth there were always wars to control the far lands. Pravaldo the most evil and deviant of all the wizards ruled the land with fear and dread. Until Rostus the Great overthrew him after the greatest battle of them all. It was decided by the council of the far lands, that Pravaldo be sentenced to eternal imprisonment. Encased in a tomb of ice in the ice kingdom of Churoon. There he would be guarded by the Snow Kleafs to stop him returning to the land of the mortals. Two thousand years the land lived in peace, until the eve of the crowning of the ice princess. Gromes loyal to Pravaldo overthrew the celebration and stole the magical dragon’s eye. This is all that remains of the dragons of evil and this eye has the power to make the dragon’s fire. Pravaldo is free once more and uses the eye to make his escape back to the land in the clouds, but not before Ralph, a magical snowman, is sent to the land of the mortals to find the boy who holds the key. Thomas O’Malley for reasons unknown is the chosen one. He must travel to the kingdom and journey to the well of dreams. There the guardian tells him that he must find the necklace of Ramoon, the last remaining relic of the dragons of good. This is the one thing that can overthrow Pravaldo. And so the story starts. Thomas faces many dangers along the way. Can he overcome them and succeed to return peace to the land of Churoon once more?

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