B. B. Golding In Conversation Volume One

ISBN 13: 9780755213795

In Conversation Volume One

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9780755213795: In Conversation Volume One

For the past fifteen years my work has led me into the exploration of the unconscious. Through my work as a holistic healer, with thousands of dream analysis interpretations, and altered states of consciousness achieved in meditation, I have an inner window in which to explore this hidden part of nature and discover what we truly are. The symbolic nature of our unconscious minds provides great insight into the nature of an individual's needs, helping to bring balance and understanding to the challenges of health and well-being. Working with my unconscious self I became convinced that the life within is equal to the waking state. The shift in consciousness through such techniques has enabled me to be aware of this great expanse of human nature and existences that lie beyond. Through such investigations, a series of conversations took place which I further explored through the medium of poetry. What follows is a journey, establishing an understanding to the tentative beginnings of the human race and the awareness that we are not alone within these inner states; that there is a forgotten branch of being that needs to be remembered and restored in each of our minds for the purpose of our own evolution. These conversations are presented as I heard them with very little editing, apart from the removal of personal data. As you the reader reads, the purpose of this book is taking place. The restoration of this hidden branch of being is restored into your mind. Whether you choose to understand it as fiction or reality is your choice and does not hamper in anyway the purpose of this book. If you the reader wish to join in, in your own inner journey then it is essential that you keep a diary for recording your dreams, we all dream every night but not all of us remember our inner experiences this can be rectified by either setting an alarm to wake you in the early hours helping you to lighten your sleep, or a cup of tea before bed should keep you from drifting to deeply. Do not judge of dismiss dreams that you have recalled how ever small or irreverent they may seem, record them in your diary. Dreams are an axis point for your own excursions into the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious can be used to ask questions and receive answers through the medium of dreams, they are best interpreted by seeing the recalled event in symbols, for instance a dream of a bird tapping at your window would carry with it a symbolic meaning which you the dreamer can now begin to understand, dreams are not fixed of static they have many layers of meaning it is up to the dreamer to apprehend which is most relevant, in this case first note what type of bird is tapping at the window an eagle is very different from a sparrow, note there own particular skills and talents, birds because they have the ability to fly and live off the land are symbols of gifts, symbols of your own flights of consciousness, tapping at your window indicates such gifts offer you a window of opportunity, be mindful of the room in which the window is in for it offers more understanding to the symbolic understanding being given, it would indicate you as the dreamer have gifts that need to be given the opportunity to take flight. This is the way to view all dream material, recall as much detail as you can write it down in your diary and over time with dedicated persistence they will provide you with great insight to your waking and dreaming world. When reading the conversations and poetry that follow you can use your own dreams to question and gather your own deep understanding to this quest.

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