Barbie: What a Doll!: Four Decades of a Fashion

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9780756752842: Barbie: What a Doll!: Four Decades of a Fashion

Over 700 million Barbie dolls have been sold since 1959 and each day, somewhere in the world, two Barbie dolls are bought each second. Barbie is the quintessential beauty and a potent reminder of childhood. She's slim, leggy, confident, cheerful, smart, and accomplished; her resume lists careers as an astronaut, cowgirl, veterinarian, executive, disco queen, UNICEF ambassador, nurse and ballerina. She drives her own Porsche 911 and Corvette and owns horses, dogs and cats. Barbie's wardrobe reflects her active life. In addition to clothes for her many careers, she has outfits for tennis and swimming; denim skirts and t-shirts for casual fun; elegant luncheon suits; sumptuous evening gowns in all shapes and colours; disco fashions; skiwear; and even a spacesuit. This volume, which presents Barbie's outfits grouped together by type (categories include Tailored Chic, Outerwear, Intimate Apparel, At Ease, Career Moves, and Very Special Occasions), is a visual history of Barbie, and of international fashion over the course of three decades. It should be treasured by little girls, fashion enthusiasts, nostalgia buffs, Barbie collectors and women of all ages.

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