John Stanley Collecting Vinyl (Miller's)

ISBN 13: 9780756793982

Collecting Vinyl (Miller's)

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9780756793982: Collecting Vinyl (Miller's)

Explores 50 years of music, unraveling the themes of music for collecting, tips on records to watch out for, & advice on pitfalls & dangers. Jazz, Pop, Comedy, Punk, Stage & Film, New Wave, Rock, Folk, & Country are just some of the genres covered -- with clues to finding the lesser-known records so often valued above the famous hits. Discover the details that count -- why one small print change can add over $3,500 to a Beatles record. Acetates, white labels, test pressings, differing commercial pressings, & promos are identified, & clues to packaging detail are given, plus care of your collection, helpful websites, & dealer contacts. Learn how the most unexpected records are really your prized posses., & why the record covers alone may be worth collecting.

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A comprehensive guide to collecting vinyl records. The book is divided into the principal genres of music and includes the history and roots of the genre, how it has developed towards other musical movements, the principal artists, and whom and what to collect. Four eight-page colour sections bring the artworks of some of the most famous album covers to life.

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