The 42-Volt Electrical System (Pt (Series) (Warrendale, Pa.), 99.)

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9780768012972: The 42-Volt Electrical System (Pt (Series) (Warrendale, Pa.), 99.)

Automobiles continue to become more comfortable and functional, thanks to the addition of numerous electrical devices. Heated seats, windshields, steering wheels and mirrors can now ensure a warm, frost-free drive while an elaborate multimedia system entertains the whole family. Navigation equipment is able to offer accurate, turn-by-turn travel directions while adaptive cruise control can maintain safe distances between vehicles with little or no need for driver assistance. Although electrical components appear to have unlimited potential in automobiles, the power limits of 12-volt electrical systems are being tested. These systems have provided sufficient power throughout the past 50 years, but the overall consensus is that - as more electronic equipment is added to automobiles - 42-volt systems need to be the next standard. Daniel J. Holt (Editor-at-Large for the SAE magazine Automotive Engineering International) has compiled more than 40 papers in The 42-Volt Electrical System, resulting in a thorough, informative collection that explores the possible benefits and challenges of including 42-volt systems in automobiles. Contents include: The Start of the 42-Volt System ; 42-Volt Generation; ; Hybrids and 42 Volt; Conversion Systems; 42-Volt Components; Future Systems

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