Singular Electromagnetic Fields and Sources (Ieee/Oup Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory)

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9780780311534: Singular Electromagnetic Fields and Sources (Ieee/Oup Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory)

Electrical Engineering/Electromagnetics Singular Electromagnetic Fields and Sources A volume in the IEEE Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory Donald D. Dudley, Series Editor 'I will cherish my copy of this gem.'--James R. Wait This is a companion volume to the many available graduate textbooks on electromagnetic theory. It is devoted to a study of the infinities in electromagnetic fields and in their sources. Three types of singularities are investigated: (1) Those associated with strongly concentrated sources of charge and current, the relevant densities are expressed in terms of delta-functions and derivatives. (2) Those associated with the fields resulting from strongly concentrated sources. (3) Those which occur at sharp edges and vertices of cones and sectors. The approach is both theoretical and numerical. The information presented, far from being purely formal, is of importance for practical work. It can be used, for example, to accelerate significantly the convergence of a numerical algorithm. The book is written for electrical engineers and applied physicists who have an interest in the general topic of 'Maxwell's equations' and more particularly for those who are engaged in the actual solution of electromagnetic problems. The mathematical level of the text is that of the 'applied' mathematician. An introductory chapter on 'Distribution Theory' has been written in that spirit. Also in the series. Mathematical Foundations for Electromagnetic Theory Donald D. Dudley, University of Arizona, Tucson 1994 Hardcover 256 pp Methods for Electromagnetic Field Analysis Ismo V. Lindell, Helsinki University of Technology 1992 Hardcover 320 pp The Transmission Line Modeling Method: TLM Christos Christopoulos, University of Nottingham 1995 Hardcover 232 pp

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