Life Of Jonathan Swift, Dean Of St. Patrick's Dublin, The (2 Vols.) (BCL1-PR English Literature)

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9780781274128: Life Of Jonathan Swift, Dean Of St. Patrick's Dublin, The (2 Vols.) (BCL1-PR English Literature)

This historic book may have numerous typos or missing text. Not indexed. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1894. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... APPENDIX XIII SWIFT'S DISEASE In the account wliich I have given of Swift's later years, and in my references to his disease, and to the effect which it had upon his character and ultimately upon his reason, it has been my object to deal with the question from what may be called the biographical, and not the medical, point of view. The most recent medical opinion clearly establishes the fact, which is of main interest in his biography, that Swift's disease was not a case of gradually developing insanity, which might have affected his reason, even while its development was proceeding; but a case of specific malady, which tortured him during life, and which ultimately produced a definite injury to the brain, but which up to that point in no way obliterated his reason. It may be well to state very shortly one or two of the facts which medical science has proved. Sir William Wilde, in his Closing Years of Dean Swift gave the first careful analysis of Swift's symptoms: and successfully proved that the term insanity had been far too sweepingly applied to Swift. He showed that the Dean suffered throughout life from brain pressure, aggravated by gastric attacks: and that congestion, to which he says the name of epileptic vertigo might be applied,, was ultimately accompanied by paralysis, under which the brain sank into lethargy rather than insanity. Dr Bucknill, F.R.S. (to whose inquiries my attention was called by Mr. Churton Collins, to whom belongs the credit of having instigated them) in Brain, for January (1882), has carried further Sir William Wilde's inquiries, in the light of the recent discoveries of medical science. He proves that the two maladies of giddiness and deafness from which Swift suffered, sometimes separately, and sometimes conjointly, and for...

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