Women of Destiny Bible: Women Mentoring Women Through The Scriptures

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9780785200048: Women of Destiny Bible: Women Mentoring Women Through The Scriptures

Most Christian women long for a mentor in the faith. Ministry leaders are eager to mentor others, but find themselves unable to personally meet the needs of the many women wanting to be discipled. The Women of Destiny Bible can help both groups. By combining the collective wisdom of the world's most respected Charismatic women leaders with the full NKJV text, this Bible allows women in leadership to communicate their experiences with God, their struggles and victories, their best advice to other women they look up to, women who are experts in their fields and uniquely qualified to help others "grow up" in God.

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Scripture teaches that women should mentor, counsel, and be encouraged by other women. Editor Cindy Jacobs, president of a missionary organization called Generals of Intercession, has arranged the Women of Destiny Bible to do precisely that. With the help of over 100 female contributors such as Anna Hayford and Fuchsia Pickett, insight is shed upon countless readings of Scripture from a woman's perspective. From the warm welcome letter to the purple script throughout its pages, this decidedly feminine Bible is meant to draw women to a greater devotion to God. Mothers are mentored on how to discipline their children, single women receive biblical advice on finances and contentment, and all women are challenged to live with integrity. This mentoring unveils itself through "Women of Destiny Letters"--literal letters written by Christian women to inspire and convict the reader, through the compelling stories of "Heroines of the Faith" from Eve to Joan of Arc to Amy Carmichael, and through "Words of Wisdom" (short quotes) by famous and familiar Christian sojourners. This would be a wonderful gift or first-time Bible since it details how to use the Bible, how to know God, how to become a Christian, and how the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifest themselves. Despite its wonderful packaging, the Word of God promises to change your life. --Jill Heatherly

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