George Gilder Life After Television

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Life After Television

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9780786104918: Life After Television

“In Life After Television, George Gilder imagines a world in which the boob tube has given way to the living room telecomputer. . . . Mr. Gilder’s case is galvanic, at times even intoxicating.” —Jim Holt, Wall Street Journal

In his visionary new book George Gilder brilliantly and persuasively outlines the sweeping new developments in computer and fiber optic technology that spell certain death to traditional television and telephony. In their places, he argues, will emerge a new paradigm in which people-to-people communications give way to links among computers to be found in every home and office. The rise of the telecomputer (or “teleputer”) will utterly transform the way we do business, educate our children, and spend our leisure time, and will imperil such large, centralized, top-down organizations as cable networks, phone companies, government bureaucracies, and multinational corporations.

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Product Description:

Television has long been identified as a dead hand on culture; but George Gilder suggests here that this centralized, authoritarian institution is also a dying technology and that the telecomputer - a powerful interactive system that will affect all aspects of life, from education to business to leisure time - will replace it. America is presently at the forefront of telecomputer development, but government restrictions - such as those that limit the wide use of fibre-optic technology - may hinder the American companies in the vanguard. Gilder's optimistic message is that the United States has only to unleash its industrial resources to command the "telefuture", in which new technology will overthrow the stultifying influence of mass media and renew the power of individuals.

Product Description:

/GILDER TV is dead, asserts bestselling author George Gilder, in this work hailed by Publishers Weekly as "an exciting, visionary glimpse into the future." Gilder explains why the TV set will soon be replaced by a telecomputer, connected to a nationwide fiberoptic network, that will completely revolutionize the way we do business.

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