Lakota Dictionary: Lakota-English/English-Lakota

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9780803213050: Lakota Dictionary: Lakota-English/English-Lakota

The most complete and up-to-date dictionary of Lakota available, this new edition of Eugene Buechel's classic dictionary contains some 30,000 entries and will serve as an essential resource for all those interested in preserving, speaking, and writing the Lakota language today. This new edition has been reorganized to follow a standard dictionary format and if offers a range of useful features: both Lakota to English and English to Lakota sections; the grouping of principal parts of verbs; the translation of all examples of Lakota word usage; the syllabification of entry words, followed by pronunciation; and a lucid overview of Lakota grammar. The vitality of the Lakota language in the twenty-first century is celebrated in this monumental new edition that will be used by students and teachers alike. Eugene Buechel (1874-1954) spent much of his life working among the Lakotas and recording their words and stories. He is the author of Lakota Tales and Text. Paul Manhart is a pastoral assistant at Red Cloud Indian School in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. He is the author of Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux.

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