Perspectives on Development Communication

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9780803991330: Perspectives on Development Communication
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"Nair and White have devised a model best suited for developing countries like India where a unidirectional flow of information has hitherto considerably hindered the development process.... The papers included in this volume will be useful to students and research scholars, particularly in the field of communication.... The strength of the volume lies in the variety of viewpoints presented from the economic development perspective." --The Indian Journal of Social Science Current thinking in development communication has shifted from the 'dominant paradigm' of the diffusion of innovation to a less 'top-down' approach, acknowledging the importance of a micro level focus with coherent linkages to the macro level. It is now widely accepted that the development process requires full participation of the people if there is to be a commitment to development decisions; development communication can play a decisive the role in facilitating this wider involvement. The 18 original essays presented in this volume offer diverse viewpoints regarding the need to rethink the effectiveness of existing development models and processes. The new model of communication posited by the editors of this book addresses the transition from traditional governance by ascendancy to a more grassroots orientation in development decision making. The underlying concern is to reconceptualize development communication. Perspectives on Development Communication provides a thoughtful and provocative exposition of both the established and forthcoming approaches.

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Shirley A White is Professor Emeritus within the Department of Communication at Cornell University. She has also served as Associate Director of the Cooperative Extension for Cornell University and Chairman of the Department of Extension Home Economics, Kansas State University.


Introduction - K Sadanandan Nair and Shirley A White
Perspectives on Development Communication - Everett M Rogers
The Development Communication Process - K Sadanandan Nair and Shirley A White
A Reconceptualization
Development Communication and Social Structure - J S Yadava
Methodological Thoughts
The Gandhian Pattern of Communication - Indira Rothermund
Basic Indicators of Development in Underdeveloped Societies - J V Vilanilam
The Need for a New Approach Among Communicators
Communication and Development - J S Yadava
For Whom and For What?
Development Communication - K Singh
Inequality Issues and Alternative Strategies
Information Strategies for Rural Development - S Seetharama
Development Bureaucracy in India - Uma Narula
Dilemmas and Dependencies
Participatory Approaches - A Ramanamma
Toward More Effective Communication for Rural Development
Communication in a Changing Society - D P Pattanayak
Traditional Folk Media for Rural Development - D K Sujan
Message Design in Development Communication - Rahul Sood
Using Video in Rural Development - V K Dubey and S K Bhanja
A New Interactive Videodisc Technology - Jack G McBride
INSAT Communication Through Television - B K Khurana and S V S Chaudhary
Satellite Television and Development in India - Noshir S Contractor, Arvind Singhal and Everett M Rogers
A Utopian, Dystopian, Neutral, and Contingency View

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