Kaizer Ukinstoff Woman behind the Mask

ISBN 13: 9780805945751

Woman behind the Mask

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9780805945751: Woman behind the Mask

Author pens verses depicting a complete range of emotions, even those bordering on madness.

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From the Publisher:

Many have a vision, a vision of life and how it should be, a vision of hope and love and how they should be shared, a vision of death and darkness and the winged dark angel who comes for us all. But only the true artist is able to share these visions with others in a sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying way. Only a true poet can take these images and before our eyes create them with words.

Kaizer L. Ukinstoff is such a poet. In Woman Behind the Mask, Ukinstoff creates another world, a place so horrifying, so beautiful, as to take away your very breath.

Works such as “A Scream within the Night,” “The Unsent Letter,” and “One Thousand Things,” among others, are filled with vibrant passion and emotion. And more personal works, such as “A Warrior’s Prayer,” touch the universal soul. In Woman behind the Mask, Ukinstoff has succeeded in sharing her vision of another world, another place, and another time.

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