Cats in the Sun

ISBN 13: 9780811823531

Cats in the Sun

9780811823531: Cats in the Sun

Praised by The Atlantic Monthly as " ... the finest pictures ever taken of cats," Cats in the Sun is now available in a stunning paperback edition. An international favorite since its original hardcover publication in Spring 1994, this spectacular collection of enthralling, full-color photographs portrays an array of serendipitous and thoroughly charming cats against a backdrop of the beautiful Greek Isles. Combining the romantic beauty of the Mediterranean and the delightful behavior of felines, Cats in the Sun will appeal to cat lovers, travelers, and photographers alike.

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Cats in the Sun is the product of Hans Silvester's three-year investment in photographing the cats of the Greek Cycladic Islands. Every picture captures the essence of the unspoiled Mediterranean landscape--sun-drenched villas, a sparkling sea, and shady olive groves. Dominating this exquisite panorama are hundreds of cats, respected--but not domesticated--by locals, happy to have the army of mouse-catchers nearby.

Definite classes of cat exist on the Cycladic Islands: there are the true rogue cats--scavenging for food, unkempt, with a missing piece of ear or two--and then there are the more privileged class members, regularly fed by Islanders and allowed the honor of a doorstep on which to perch (but still denied entrance into the home). The individualism of each cat is evident in every portrait--a mother nurturing her brood of kittens, a cat frolicking in the gentle swill of a wave, a cat peeping through a paint-peeled window frame. Cats in the Sun is an astonishing collection of photographs that captures the true spirit of the beloved feline.

About the Author:

Hans Silvester is a renowned photographer who has traveled the Greek islands over a period of three years in search of the endearing images contained in these pages.

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