The Human Body in Health &_Disease (1997 publication)

9780815187196: The Human Body in Health &_Disease (1997 publication)

Get a complete introduction to anatomy and physiology with the resource that makes challenging concepts easier to understand! Now in its 5th edition, The Human Body in Health & Disease clarifies the structures and functions of the human body with a proven, highly visual, student-friendly approach. A brand new design eases you into A&P with an inviting layout and vibrant, detailed illustrations included with text content.

    • A straightforward, conversational writing style clearly explains difficult anatomic and physiologic terminology and principles.
    • Quick Check questions, Critical Thinking Challenges, case studies, chapter tests, and more provide helpful review and self-assessment opportunities at the end of each chapter.
    • Health and Well-Being boxes reinforce the basic concepts of human structure and function by applying them to current problems in public health, athletics, and fitness.
    • Clinical Applications demonstrate how disease affects normal function as well as how therapies can restore normal function.
    • Research, Issues, and Trends boxes focus on the dynamic fields of science, technology, and ethics underlying modern concerns in human biology.
    • Science Applications examine career paths by exploring the work of influential figures in the history of science.
    • Chapter outlines introduce each chapter and allow you to focus on the most important themes and concepts.
    • Chapter objectives identify key goals and highlight the information you should master in each chapter.
      • User-friendly design includes more than 450 new or updated illustrations and breaks free of the traditional 2-column format of most A&P texts to simplify explanations of difficult concepts and enhance your learning.
      • The Clear View of the Human Body transparencies provide a unique atlas of the male and female body that you can peel back layer-by-layer.
      • AnimationDirect ties textbook content to matching animations on the companion CD to demonstrate physiologic functions and reinforce understanding.
      • Dozens of full-color micrographs of cellular structures introduce you to anatomy and physiology at its most basic level.
      • Study Tips at the beginning of each chapter offer practical advice for learning new material.

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      About the Author:

      Gary A. Thibodeau, PhD, Chancellor, North Hall, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls, WI; and Kevin T. Patton, PhD, Professor, Department of Life Sciences, St. Charles County Community College, St. Peters, MO; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physiology, St. Louis University Medical School, St. Louis, MO

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