Library of American Indian History, Set (Library of American Indian History Series)

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9780816046300: Library of American Indian History, Set (Library of American Indian History Series)

Brimming with quotes from original source documents, this young adult series explores the complex relations between Native Americans and non-Indians from the arrival of Columbus to the present day. All titles make clear the importance of Native Americans to this country's past and its present.

Dramatic Narratives Compose a Compelling Reference

By weaving passages from original documents into dramatic narratives, each title in the series creates a remarkably vivid portrait of specific aspects of American Indian heritage and history. The series provides the kind of valuable information too frequently left out of textbooks and general histories. Each practical reference is enhanced by carefully chosen historical drawings, photographs, and maps; an up-to-date bibliography and further reading list; and a complete index.

A Wealth of Learning Aids and Features Enriches the Study of Native American History
-- Lively narrative and lucid visuals explore Native Americans' roles in the country's development and history.
-- Special boxed features highlight crucial topics and the roles of significant individuals.
-- Coverage of twentieth-century issues and events reveals that Native American culture is as much a part of America's present as the past.
-- A must for the study of American history: the in-depth coverage fosters an appreciation for cultural diversity.

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